Monday, April 9, 2012

This Week

I’ve got another longer article that I wanted to post about this week. I wrote it up over the weekend and I guess I just have a lot to say on certain subjects. It should last through the rest of this week, spanning three or so posts. The subject is on influence, and how who you interact with on a daily basis can affect your writing competency and dedication.

Sorry for the late post today, I’ve been praying for more work since things slowed down drastically last week, and lo and behold, I got some work, so I’ve been busy with that today.

On another personal note, I’ve been planning a Pathfinder campaign for Nikki (my wife) and I. I’ve got another friend that wants to try it out (for those who don’t know, Pathfinder is basically D&D v 3.5). I’ve been pretty excited about DMing and have been crafting some unique story and plot twists for us to play through.

Anywho, got a good, long post for tomorrow. Until then, rest your eyes for a sec, take a 10 second break, and dream of large women.

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