Friday, April 13, 2012

Next Week Stuff, Updates, and Ghosts Just Wanted to Shake it.

Hi there,

Just a little heads up for the next week. I’m thinking on going over more grammar stuff for the upcoming posts. It’s been a while since I hit on that subject. I’ll try to keep the topics fun and informative. That subject can be pretty dull if you let it.

Just as an update on the book I’m currently working on. I’ve finished writing my next book I want to get published, but I’m still editing it. Today I made quite a bit of progress with it. I might be sending it out to publishers in a few weeks’ time. I’ll keep you updated on that.

Also, once I publish that book, I’m probably going to add a page on my website Tomework that serves as a spotlight of my works. Maybe I’ll couple it with the profile page. Not sure yet.


A ghost

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