Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Paul Toy Yoder book is on its way

Yup, that’s my middle name folks. That’s the name I think I’m going to go by with my books from here on out. Could change my mind but pretty sure I want to use my full name. Anyways, let’s get to the big news.

I’m currently in contact with a publisher to get my short novel out on the digital market (and if it does well as digital, in print).I’m quite excited about finally making some headway with this story (as most of you know, I’ve been able to write a whole nother novel in the meantime due to the fact that getting a story on the road to publication can be a long one).

In regards to this book coming out in e-format, I’m hoping that some of you writers out there might be interested in doing a book review of my book when it comes out. Hopefully I can get the OK from my publisher to get some free copies out to reviewers to help promote the book, but if not, I’d be more than willing to buy a copy and send it to you for reviewing. Just comment below or email me if you want a copy for review (paulwroteyoder(at)gmail.com).

One thing that would really help is to stay tuned to my blog for the next few weeks. I’m going to start posting more info and updates on this book that’s on its way, and one thing all books need to succeed is an audience and word-of-mouth from that audience. You’ll help me out a great deal just by sharing links and info that I’ll be posting about in the weeks ahead to all your friends and family...oh, and buying the book when it hits stores, you'll help me by doing that too :).

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Things to come

Hello again and welcome back! If it’s your first time here, let me give you the lowdown on what this blog is about. I’m Paul Yoder—a writer. This blog is basically here to keep people up-to-date with my works-in-progress. I also throw down some grammar rules here and there, and every now and then I’ll speak on writing techniques that have helped me and might help you. That’s it, that’s what you’re in for when you come to this blog.

Alright, let’s get to it. So as most of you know that read my blog from time to time, I recently finished writing a book. It’s no published, it’s not even in its final draft yet, but it’s done and somewhat polished. I’m getting it peer-reviewed currently, so it’s on hold for a bit.

In the meantime, I’m checking into publishers that I’m going to be pitching my story to. This is by far the most atrocious part of the process. Getting a publisher to realize that your stuff is good is by no means easy. That’s where I am with that book, in the query letter stage; hence, lime cat….

But, I have another project that I was working on months ago that I am actually thinking about epublishing. It’s not optimal, but I’ve got a plan that I think will be good for this story, and it involves self-publishing it on the Kindle and Nook. Lots of news is soon to follow on this subject, but thought I’d at least mention it in this post.

That’s all I got for now, but keep in touch since, like I said, I’ll have another book coming to you through epublishing soon.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The book is done…

This is the last entry covering my book writing process for publishing a book in 5 months! I’ve written, edited, proofread, and now only need it to be peer reviewed before I’m ready to start on sending it out to publishers. So this time I’m going to post my whole calendar/agenda of my past few months of writing and editing.

So as you can see, I spent just a few days over three months working with this book. It’s kinda small for a novel (54,944 words), which I am a little worried about since, from what I’ve seen, most publishers are looking for novels around the 50,000–100,000 word mark, so this novel just barely makes it in that range. We’ll see though. I’m hoping for the best.

This has been a really awesome experiment though, to set a daily goal, leading up to having a whole book written in five months, with me making it in three! I’ve achieved my goals for the most part, though I thought the story was going to be longer than it actually turned out to be, but I’m really happy with the finished product and how quick I was able to write it. I’d recommend trying a similar experiment to anyone, adjusting the daily pages written according to your own schedule. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this experience, it is that if you stick to it daily, you can write and finish a book in a surprising amount of time!

So what’s next for me? Well, the book is being peer reviewed currently, and that will take some time. During the wait, I recently had an awesome idea for another book come to me two weeks back. I’ve written out notes for the concept, but I’m anxious to get started plotlinning that story, so I’ll work on that while my friends read my book. After they send the book back, it’s one more round of proofreads; and then, I’ll write up summaries, query letters, marketing plans, etc. and ship it out to publishersthen wait for a great long time until they start getting back to me.

Anyways, just wanted to mention thanks for keeping up with me here on my blog. Seeing the number of views helped remind me that I had better keep my word on writing daily. No one likes to look like a hack I suppose, so having you guys watching my progress gave me a sense of responsibility and helped me many a day to put my nose to the grinding wheel and to write.