Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Paul Toy Yoder book is on its way

Yup, that’s my middle name folks. That’s the name I think I’m going to go by with my books from here on out. Could change my mind but pretty sure I want to use my full name. Anyways, let’s get to the big news.

I’m currently in contact with a publisher to get my short novel out on the digital market (and if it does well as digital, in print).I’m quite excited about finally making some headway with this story (as most of you know, I’ve been able to write a whole nother novel in the meantime due to the fact that getting a story on the road to publication can be a long one).

In regards to this book coming out in e-format, I’m hoping that some of you writers out there might be interested in doing a book review of my book when it comes out. Hopefully I can get the OK from my publisher to get some free copies out to reviewers to help promote the book, but if not, I’d be more than willing to buy a copy and send it to you for reviewing. Just comment below or email me if you want a copy for review (paulwroteyoder(at)gmail.com).

One thing that would really help is to stay tuned to my blog for the next few weeks. I’m going to start posting more info and updates on this book that’s on its way, and one thing all books need to succeed is an audience and word-of-mouth from that audience. You’ll help me out a great deal just by sharing links and info that I’ll be posting about in the weeks ahead to all your friends and family...oh, and buying the book when it hits stores, you'll help me by doing that too :).


  1. I wouldn't mind reading through and giving it a review. Hoping it turns out well!

  2. Thanks Sparkfly. You're on my list. I'll send one over when it comes out.

  3. Count me on board! I don't want you to pay for a copy if your publisher doesn't give you some promo copies, though. I'd be more than happy just to show support.

    Besides... I still feel bad for getting you to try that trick on your half pipe and watching you face plant on the first try. Not only did I encourage, but I just watched it happen.


    1. What, oh man, I eat it so much on that half pipe, I can't remember single instances of face planting anymore lol. Thanks Mark.