Monday, February 4, 2013

Tome of Victims

Tome of Victims

Well, it has been a long road for this book (and longer still since writing the next book in the series depends on how well this book does), but I’ve published Tome of Victims on the Kindle/PC/Mac through Unlimited Publishing LLC.

I wanted to give a bit more info about my book here on my blog since longer posts on Facebook usually go unread most of the time. So let’s get to the important questions: What genre is the book, how long is it, is this a single book or part of a series, and are there any other things I should know before purchasing Tome of Victims?

Tome of Victims is contemporary fiction, meaning that it’s a fiction story that takes place in our time, mostly in a realistic setting. There is an ominous tone to the book, and it’s got a bit of thriller/suspense to it (I’ve had readers said that it reminded them of Dan Brown or Dean Koontz).

As for the age range, it feels more of an adult novel. I think that teens could appreciate it as well, but I think this book is more fit to the taste of adults ages 18-32.

*I think I should mention that there is a brief reference of prostitution and lesbianism; not advocating it or criticizing it, it’s just part of a character’s backstory. It’s only mentioned, not elaborated upon, but I thought I should at least mention that it’s there for those who might have thought of letting their child read this book.

This story is a proper novella. It is 59 pages in the format that it was published in. It’s a quick, enjoyable read, and most of you will be able to read it in a single day if you’ve got a few hours.

Part of a series:
I do have a series planned for this book. The main factor of how fast those next books come is mainly how large of a readership there is for this sort of book. The book is different, and though I enjoyed the story, it’s going to be hard to slave away for hundreds of hours to get the next book out if there isn’t at least moderate interest around having the second book come out.
If I do get a positive response, you could see the next book come out later this year. (That book is going to be a full-length novel, at least 100 pages, if not closer to 200. I’m pretty excited to get going on that one since I’ve already got a summary written for it.)
Other things to know:
Currently, Unlimited Publishing is planning on seeing how well my book does in eformat before printing Tome of Victims in paperback. I’d really love to have a physical copy of this book out on the market; and so, not only is the second book riding on how well the eBook format of Tome of Victims does, but the paper print is relying on a good audience as well.

Where to buy Tome of Victims:
You can find more, and/or purchase Tome of Victims at the link below.
Click HERE to go to the Amazon store page for my book.

Tome of Victims - Amazon store page

Want to read the next book in the series?
After you finish reading Tome of Victims, you’ll realize that the world in this book is only just establishing the possibilities of various stories that could spawn from this series. I’m working on a few other books at the moment, but if I get a lot of chatter happening over Tome of Victims, I’ll put more of a focus on getting the next book done.

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  1. Thank you for describing the book up front! I am so excited you are published and hope this book goes to print. :)