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The Source by Paul Yoder


The Source


Paul Toy Yoder


The Bracken Covenant, (Book Three)


Suspense, Contemporary Fiction, Supernatural, Paranormal

The Bracken Covenant series is a modern-day fiction, delving just enough outside the bounds of reality to make the reader question “could that happen?” with deep ties to the occult and the dark myth of Dracula spawned from the Wallachian king, Vlad the Impaler.

Book Description

Few who have gone toe-to-toe with the devil worshiping cult, the Bracken Covenant, have survived. Certainly none have ever considered to have bested the cult in recent years—except, perhaps, one man. The reflective English professor, Dr. Carver, still thinks daily on his previous terrifying dealings with the fanatic group. His world is overturned as the Bracken Covenant rips his loved ones away from him. Forced to follow and to relive the horrors of the den of the Covenant, Dr. Carver plunges into the darkest, most central gathering point for the pervasive evil cult. His foes, ranging from beast, to man, to beings speculatively immortal, attempt to put an end to his, and his loved ones’, lives.... This demonic cult chose the wrong English teacher to sacrifice.

Excerpt from The Source

The grass was frozen, crystalline, showing no sign of thawing anytime soon. Breathing in the cold, biting air, Dr. Carver realized that he was on the run from a predator. For hardly ever being hunted in his life, he fell into the role of “prey” quickly—naturally—almost unnaturally so.
       He ran from his pursuer, though if it was beast or man that stalked him, he didn’t know, and somehow, it didn’t matter to him.
       In the farthest recesses of his mind, he felt the distant shadow of his consciousness telling him that he was existing in a dream, and he even believed it. But, at the moment, his instincts ruled his actions. He was running for his life.
       Then there was a reprieve, but it was only a reprieve from physical exertion. He pitched into an icy grass clearing, collapsing on the ground, taking a moment to catch his breath. He could not shake the overwhelming notion that, even if this were a dream, the danger of being caught by this predator meant fatal consequences in the real world.
       This feeling began to overcome him, and a presence of extreme strength began to manifest itself in the form of two piercing eyes, cold and staggering. He was frozen, just like the grass beneath him, showing no sign of thawing soon enough to react to the juggernaut stalker. He was helpless against this foe. The beast’s eyes made sure he knew his doom before it had even made a move.

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