Friday, March 1, 2013

Buy a Book, Enjoy the Evening

It’s been a week or two since last I posted. Life had to get involved with my writing/posting schedule which took me back a few day’s with my writing. All’s cleared up now though and thankfully I am writing again. Anyways, on with the news.

My very talented wife, who is a graphic designer, put together a nice flyer for my book! I’m really pleased with it and hope to get the word spread around. I obviously do want as many people to see the flyer for my book as possible, so please share this post with friends on Facebook or here on Blogger.

It really is a difficult lot writers have. I just now got back my first month’s sales numbers; and, well, the numbers aren’t as high as I was expecting them to be, neither the number of reviews on Amazon. Putting hundreds of hours into a book is an exhausting and drawn-out experience to say the least, and the only way the triumph of finally finishing that book and getting it published can be realized is if there are readers out there to pick it up and read it.

I really do appreciate you sharing my Facebook and blog posts, along with my actual book sales page on Amazon to friends and family you may know that like a good thriller. The cost is low, the read is somewhat short, and in my opinion, it’s worth a few hours and a couple of bucks to experience what Tome of Victims has to offer.

Click to visit the book sale page on Amazon.