Sunday, April 29, 2012

Baby Cove

Finally, after months of carrying, Nikki delivered our first baby boy. Cove is a joy in our lives. At the start of this new chapter in life, I am beginning to understand that our lives are never going to be the same. A baby adds a variable to the marital equation that brings about new situations and new behavior. As Nikki and I struggled through the first night of having Cove home with us, we realized how thankful we are to have good family and friends since we were able to count on a number of them for advice and support. We’re glad for our four years together without having kids, but we’re grateful for this next exciting phase in our lives.

There have been a few complications with Cove’s first few days. He was born with a slight temperature which went down quickly, but the doctor mentioned he wanted cove there an additional day just to make sure everything was ok. While there, we learned that Cove’s bilirubin count was high and was at risk for having jaundice. He was put on bilirubin lights and was sent home with us with orders for us to keep him on the lights over the weekend. It’s been tough on both him and us since he has to stay on his light bed all day and night (except for feeding and diaper changing). One of us has been staying up watching him the whole time, and sleep is one of our larger trials.

Icarus has been staying up with us though. He’s proving to be a fine bigger brother—a stalwart watch.^_^
I’m still working, editing into the wee hours of the night (tonight I got done with my daily quota at 2 in the morning), but as for blog posts, I’m going to have to take a break for a bit; not for too long, just long enough for me to adjust a bit to taking care of Cove.

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