Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Starting a business is in many ways like starting a book. You sink hundreds of hours into it before it even goes live or is published. I started Tomework back in November of 2011 due to the amount of freelance work I had been receiving. It’s been really tough getting my name out there. I know I have some steady readers here at Wanderlust’s Writing Den and am hoping that you could help me out.

                I proofread and edit manuscripts (any genre), business websites, and business copy. I also do business writing (such as newsletters, marketing pieces, and website copy). If you know anyone that might be able to use these services, send them a friendly email saying, “Hey, I know this editor/writer. Not sure if you need that kind of thing but if you do, he’s a good one;” they'll thank you for it. And hey, if you need any of these services yourself, feel free to take me up on my first timer’s discounts.
                I’m working on ramping up clientele this upcoming month because Nikki is leaving her job to have our baby Cove, and she doesn’t plan on returning to her post. We’re both going to be freelancing and working on our businesses—me on Tomework and her on her design business.

                I’m really easy to work with, so if you, or anyone you know, needs some editing or writing done, just shoot me an email at paulwroteyoder@gmail.com, or visit my business site so see my prices for proofreading and editing. I take the business writing requests directly through email.

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