Monday, March 12, 2012

City of Town 2nd Edition

Wanderlust’s Writing Den has just past the 1,000 pageviews threshold! It’s pretty exciting for me since I haven’t had a blog yet generate that number of viewers within three weeks of going live. And I have you to thank. Keep checking in often and don’t forget to leave a comment while you’re here. I’d appreciate it, and so would others.

          In other exciting news, I finished revising City of Town and have released a Version 2 to help the story read better. Here’s a list of things that are different with the story:
  • Revised a bunch of sentences that didn’t read well
  • Fixed some punctuation, spelling, phrasing
  • Changed the book cover slightly
  • Other small changes that you’ll not likely notice
           It’s not a new story, just fixed the first edition up a bit. I would greatly appreciate it if you purchase a copy. It’s still only $0.99 which is practically giving this story way to the public. I just want my work to be read. I don’t know the number exactly, but I’ve put around 50 hours into getting this short novella to where it is. Please check it out if you get a moment.

Read the story's description and purchase it here.

If you don't own a Kindle, you can still view it using Amazon's free Kindle app. get it here.

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  1. Glad to see you ran it through another edit. Alas, I already purchased it, so I won't be buying again. Can't wait to see what you write next.