Friday, March 16, 2012

Book-Scented Candles

This post is a little less on writing and a bit more about finding excitement in life. Just over the past few weeks, there have been days where I got up in the morning grudgingly. Have you ever wanted to just sleep a little longer before going to work? Well I had some of those days. At the end of last week though, I had a peculiar experience.

I’ve been working on a video game with my brother-in-law Austin. Well, one night last week, I went to bed excited about a concept I had just thought up for the game. I was so pumped about implementing that into the game that it was hard to find sleep. My brain was so active.  I was so excited. Well the next morning, as soon as I woke up, I popped out of bed and rushed to my drawing pad to start concepting my ideas out on paper. I felt great that morning. I was very into the moment and excited about life. It was a very different experience from the previous days where I would hear the alarm go off and think, “gaaa. I’ve got a 30-page story to edit today….”

Well after my enthusiastic morning, I started to wonder. “Could I repeat that? I liked enjoying getting up in the morning,” so I tried it again, this time with work instead of my game project. Here are my results: yeah I wasn’t as pumped as when I had come up with that killer game idea, but I was in a very positive mood the rest of the day. Instead of thinking, “gaaa I have a 30-page story to edit today,” I was thinking, “I’m running my own business from home, I have clients and work, I’m reaching my financial goal each month through this business, and it’s all thanks to having 30-page stories to edit.” It might seem like a small paradigm shift, but it’s one that has made me a happier person over the last few days.

Moral of the story: start appreciating what you’ve got more. As far as advice goes, it’s nothing new. I’ve heard that one plenty of times before, but really, we all need constant reminders on topics like this. Hope this helps brighten up someone’s weekend.
They should make book scented candles….What? They do? Wait, they cost $50? Someone else should make book scented candles….

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