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The Covenant by Paul Yoder

Paul and his wife Nikki

The Covenant

My name is Paul Yoder—author of Tome of Victims, City ofTown, and now, The Covenant, and I’m here to tell you a bit about my latest book, The Covenant.

The Covenant, an occult/suspense fiction novel, is part of a series I’m writing called “The Bracken Covenant.” The series has a somewhat dark mood to it, hitting on many controversial issues that we face in our society, most having to do with religion.

Now, that subject alone might stop people from picking up a book, because most of us are very set in our beliefs, but I think I did a pretty good job at leaving both sides comfortable with the subject material, while urging meaningful thought on the subject. Hopefully providing some positive stimulation one the topic of religion.

The series, and especially this book, The Covenant, contains quite a few violent set pieces scattered throughout the book. Maybe it’s my love of high-fantasy fiction stories, or my pastime of anime and video games, but to be honest, an appropriate amount of violence can really help make a book exciting. These violent sections of the book helps the reader realize that yes, lives are at stake here, and these characters that you care about could get hurt, or even die.

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I know I took a risk dealing with these two controversial subjects (one more than the other), but I think I did the topics justice, and hopefully you’ll approve of the way in which I presented them.
That having been said, what exactly is the book about? It’s the second book in “The Bracken Covenant” series, but it’s the first full-length novel in the series. So, you don’t really need to feel like you have to go read the first book before picking up The Covenant. The first book in the series is titled Tome of Victims, and is a precursor to the main story that will take place in the later books.

The Covenant follows the story of a college professor who becomes suspicious of a fellow professor of being a kidnapper. After following him after work one day, his suspicions are confirmed, and he becomes swept up in pursuit of his fellow professor, following him to an underground cultist den, which is a large renovated 1940’s bomb shelter.

The protagonist, Dr. Carver, in his attempt to rescue the kidnapped kid, runs into all sorts of trouble, dealing with possessed zealots, to trapped and tortured animals that the cult keeps caged down in this cultist den.

The story is really about Dr. Carver trying to escape the zealot’s base along with kidnapped kids that he finds down there; but, throughout the story, Dr. Carver is questioned by both the zealots and the kids themselves about religious issues, and this English professor has to figure out how to address these points.

I think that we’re all pliable people, and there isn’t a day that goes by that my mind doesn’t change on some subject, some small (yesterday I decided my favorite number is now nine), some big. Dr. Carver is a person that is at a crossroads in his life, dealing with paradigm shifts, most quite large.

So, that’s my new book, The Covenant by Paul Yoder. Click here for a link to the purchase page. Give it a read! it’s on Amazon for $2.99. And leave me a comment on questions you might have before buying it, or if you’ve read it and wanted to connect with me about your experience with the book.

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Thanks to my wife Nikki who designed the cover.

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