Thursday, November 8, 2012


Just a small post before my customary Sunday update. One important tool to becoming a better writer I’ve always heard is to read. I struggle with that. I’m a slow reader, always have been, and when I read a book, it usually takes me months to finish unless I’m reading an hour or more a day. I can read a book in a week, but I’ve got to set a decent amount of time aside to accomplish the task, and reading, in my opinion, should not be a task but a pleasure.

I’ve come up with an idea to help me put more time into reading since I know I have a little spare time here and there throughout the day to get some reading in, even if it’s only a few pages or so. I spend quite a bit of time on Facebook every day. It’s a nasty habit, refreshing the Facebook banner every time I maximize my browser. I got the idea today that for every time I click my Facebook tab, I’m going to read a page in the novel I’m currently reading (which right now is The Necromancer, by Peter Teuthold in case you’re wondering) and I can’t click back on Facebook until I’ve gone ahead and read my allotted page.

This is either going to cause me to do one of two things: one, I’ll end up reading a lot more; or, two, I’ll slim down on Facebook or abandon it all together. Either one is a good thing I think. Anyways, I thought the notion interesting and wanted to make a post about it in case anyone else out there has my same problem and might want to try my remedy out.


  1. Keep us up to date. I'm interested to see which route you choose. I've made goals like this... then ended up just going back to old habits. Be better than me (which isn't that difficult a task).

  2. Well, first day down and I've been both reading and checking Facebook less so hopefully I can keep it up.