Friday, February 24, 2012

How To Publish On The Kindle

Publishing a book isn’t easy, so what I hope to be able to do through the course of this blog is to help others out there who would like to know where to start when it comes to publishing. Since I recently published on the Amazon Kindle, let’s start there.

The process of getting my book uploaded and submitted to Amazon took around 5-6 hours. Most of my time here was spent in reading forms and writing up a summary for my book. Those are really the only two major time suckers. The summary wasn’t even all that bad except for researching what other book summaries looked like in the Kindle’s library. Doing research on both agreement forms and book summaries took around 4 ½ hours. Next time I publish through them, it probably will take less than an hour.

I was going to make a tutorial walkthrough of the process, but someone else on YouTube already did that. This is actually the video that I used when going through the process. Most of the process is pretty easy, and you could probably just go through it alone without any help, but if you’re like me, you want to know how long it’s going to take to fill out the forms and what to expect before you start out actually doing it.

How to Publish on Kindle

After checking that video out, you’ll probably be a bit relived if you were worried about my initial 5-6 hour time estimate. It’s really not much they ask you to do. Practically anyone can publish with them, but I worry about keeping ownership of my work so I read through all the forms on these things, and those agreement statements are quite lengthy and not always clear as to what you are agreeing to. I had to do some research for some terms and lingo usage that’s used in their acceptance agreements.

The Kindle is a great place to start with publishing your work. If you’ve got a story you want published quick, Kindle is the place to do just that.

**Also, I wanted to mention that posting on Saturday and Sunday may not happen. I think I'll post if there's time to on those days, but with weekends, I may be away from a computer visiting family and whatnot. Just a heads up.

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