Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Bracken Covenant

 A bit on The Bracken Covenant

The Bracken Covenant is a dark and enlightening book series that will lead you to forsaken cultist dens, leaving you wondering if you’ll ever make it out alive.

The Bracken Covenant series is an occult/suspense fiction series with gothic ties. The premise of the series begins with the journals of victims of a horror experiment being found, read, and passed from person to person, the journals affecting the readers each in different ways. Tome of Victims is the novella that sets the stage for the following books in The Bracken Covenant series.

The first full-length book in the series, The Covenant, follows directly after Tome of Victims, and follows a professor as he learns of a kidnapping that one of his colleagues is involved in. Following the kidnapper, he discovers an underground cultist hideout, whereupon he becomes a captive, trying to escape with his life, along with a group of desperate kidnapped kids that he finds down in the cultists’ den.

The second full-length book is scheduled to be published later this year. I’m currently writing it, and what I can say about it is that the main protagonist will once again be Dr. Carver, the lead professor from The Covenant.

Tome of Victims

(prelude story in The Bracken Covenant Series)

Tome of Victims by Paul Yoder

When the century-old ruins of a madman’s torture chamber are unearthed, they release one of the most deadly weapons known to man—knowledge.

A set of journals hold the accounts of multiple victims of a psychotic mad-man’s death experiments. Once these journals are discovered and dispersed, the owners soon realize the truth of the journals.

Call it a curse, or define it as the grave psychological effect that the written word can have on a human’s mental faculty, but all proprietors of the journals, soon after acquiring the tomes, fall prey to ill, and even deathly, fates.

Tome of Victims is available on Amazon for $2.99

The Covenant

(first entry novel in The Bracken Covenant Series)

The Covenant by Paul Yoder
Dr. Carver, who is the head of the English department at Stanford University, would not be the most likely of men to embark on a mission to save a group of kidnapped kids from devil-worshiping zealots in an underground facility, but after trailing a suspected colleague, and witnessing a kidnapping first hand, his pursuit quickly lands him in an underground bomb shelter, renovated as a secret monastery for a cult that calls themselves "The Bracken Covenant."

Dr. Carver and the group of kidnapped kids struggle to survive the horrors of the elaborate underground cultist den. Outnumbered and vulnerable, with the kids being easy targets for not just the demonic zealots, but the wretched, feral animal experiments that the zealots keep underground, Dr. Carver has to lead the kids through trial after trial of both man and beast to escape before the covenant can cave in the underground passages, trapping them inside a den of evil—doomed to share the same fate as the hundreds of tortured spirits that reside there.

The Covenant is available on Amazon for $2.99

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