Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Covenant by Paul Yoder

Title: The Covenant

Author: Paul Yoder

Series: The Bracken Covenant #2

Genre: Supernatural/Suspense

If you like suspense that runs a very thin line between reality and dark fantasy, this series is for you. Though the series is set in modern setting, its origins run back to the time of fey and forbidden fairytale.

Book Description

Dr. Carver, who is the head of the English department at Stanford University, would not be the most likely of men to embark on a mission to save a group of kidnapped kids from devil-worshiping zealots in an underground facility, but after trailing a suspected colleague, and witnessing a kidnapping first hand, his pursuit quickly lands him in an underground bomb shelter, renovated as a secret monastery for a cult that calls themselves "The Bracken Covenant."

Dr. Carver and the group of kidnapped kids struggle to survive the horrors of the elaborate underground cultist den. Outnumbered and vulnerable, with the kids being easy targets for not just the demonic zealots, but the wretched, feral animal experiments that the zealots keep underground, Dr. Carver has to lead the kids through trial after trial of both man and beast to escape before the covenant can cave in the underground passages, trapping them inside a den of evil—doomed to share the same fate as the hundreds of tortured spirits that reside there.

Excerpt from The Covenant

Making it to the shelf which the candle burned on, he stopped and turned back the way he had come just in time to hear the chanting grow louder, seeing a hooded figure in the doorway before the door shut again. Someone had just entered the room.

Digging in his pockets, he pulled out the taser that he had taken from Mucot and aimed it into the darkness, nervously waiting for the figure to loom into the candle’s dim light.

It went quiet other than the consistent chanting from the ceremonial room, the voices getting louder and louder, making it impossible to hear if the zealot was approaching him or not, until, all at once, the chanting stopped, and the only sound that Dr. Carver could hear was a sloshing behind him, sounding as if in another room.

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