Thursday, September 6, 2012

How to Write a Query Letter

How to Write a Query Letter
Query letters are most often required when seeking to get your book published with a publisher. I say “most often” because sometimes they have a form that you fill out, or they call the query letter something else, but generally speaking, most publishers ask for a query letter and don’t provide specifics on how they want the query letter formatted and constructed. On that note, I wanted to do a post on what a query letter is, how to send it, who to address it to, and what it should look like.


Let’s start at the basics
A query letter, simply put, is a one page letter that is introducing the publisher to you and your book. You send a query letter because you want to publish your book with the publisher.

The query letter format
A query letter is constructed of a one sentence hook intro paragraph, a two to three short paragraph synopsis of the book, a paragraph highlighting your relevant writing career, and short call to action.

How to send a query letter
You should do your research as to what mode the publisher accepts query letters. Some request queries to be sent via snail email, others, email. This info is usually pretty easy to spot as it’s usually with the submissions details.

Who to address the letter to
If you don’t happen to know the head of the publication’s name or the appropriate department leader, you can simply address the query letter to “agent.”
What a query letter should look like
As far as what it should look like, I’ll post my own query letter for my next post. I’ll have to modify it as to not give away my current books plot.

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