Friday, August 17, 2012

Going Back to College

As mentioned on my Editing Tomework blog, I’ve decided to return to college for my Master’s degree. It’s going to take me a while (if all goes according to plan, it will take me a year and a half to get my degree) and a lot of money, but it think it’s a good step for me and my family.

If you’re curious, I’m going for my Master of Arts in Education/Secondary Teacher Education at the University of Phoenix.

It’s going to be hard keeping up with posts here, but I’ve heard there will be lots of papers that I’ll have to write for my program; if any of them are interesting enough, I’ll post them here. I’ll also try to make time to do a post on writing or an update on my publishing every now and then.
Almost as good as going to Hogwarts? Not even close...

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