Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Progress on My Book

Oddly enough; the more I look at this picture, the more I like it.
There’s a book that I’m working on that is ready for publishing; now comes the hard part—getting it published. Over the last month, I’ve completely finished editing my latest book. It’s ready to be sent out to publishers for review. I just about decided to go the self-publishing route, but decided to try publishers first. I’m going to document the process along the way. Hopefully that will help any first time publishing authors out there get an idea of the whole process from start to finish.

I guess I’ll make mention of the steps I’ve already took down the long road to getting a book published. First I wrote the book (no brainer. You’ve got to write a book for it to get published).

Then I edited the book (I went over it two or three times. The first time was an actual edit, cleaning up areas that needed to be changed, the second and third were more proofreads. I also had others go over the book).

Next I purchased a subscription to Writer’s Market.com. (Not an absolutely necessary step, but it was cheap, and they provide a great publishers database search engine. I want to find the right publishers to send this manuscript out to, and that was the easiest way to find them quickly.) I’ve had their book for years (and have been impressed with it) so decided to just get an online subscription instead of rebuying their updated copy every other year.

So no here I am. I’ve got a list of potential fits for my topic/genre and I’m going to be writing up query letters to them soon. I’ll keep you updated next time I make some progress there.

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